We are a little annoyed at the amount of press coverage the woman who is illegally denying marriage licenses to LGBT couples is getting now.

Issuing marriage licences is a primary part of her job to issue licenses. If she feels that exercising “God’s authority” prevents her from doing that aspect of her job then perhaps she should get a new job.

She does not as far as we know deny marriage licenses to those who have previously divorced or committed adultery, her objections are based on old testament scripture so surely she should conform to the all those beliefs in the old testament and not pick and choose the sins that offend her the most. We do not agree with many of the Pope’s beliefs they go against our own, but we would never consider not serving known catholics or the Pope himself because of their beliefs.

This woman is using religion to justify bigotry and discrimination.

While we understand personal belief and religion are very important to people does it really have a place in work. What aspects of our personal lives should we bring to work that don’t relate to facts, reality or the job at hand.?

Surely an individual’s personal beliefs should not prevent them from doing their lawful job if they have chosen to take that job.?

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