Are you certain of which way to vote today?

Some of us in the office haven’t voted yet but plan to this evening. Some have been very efficient and voted before work. If you are in the former group and still open to a little more research to aid your decision the blog posts below will help.  There are so many supposed facts out there, if I tried to read all the reports, posts and information I know I simply wouldn’t have had time.  However, I saw little in the way of supportable facts from the leave campaign, most of what has been documented is all just speculation.

So what do we do..?

Trust our instincts, Leave out information for or against? Trust the words of those we respect? Simply not vote or do a little more research then make a decision.? Fortunately I knew what I wanted to do weeks ago, based on information about the EU I already knew. That view has not changed, but for some out there, including in this office everything is still in the air.

Some final reading before you Vote.

Are you up for a bit of helpful reading about the validity of the “facts”, lies and uncertainties in the information that has been presented, over the previous weeks ? This post “Fact-Checking Brexit: The Conclusion” by Hugh Hancock may help. He has spent a lot of time going though as many reports and info as he can so he can share his findings with us.

For some evaluations of what the EU means to LGBT individuals freedom and rights take look at these.

Four MP’s Asked what the EU actually means for LGBT rights.?  ( source: Pink News )

Ian McKellen’s view as expressed to Time “If You Care About LGBT Rights, Don’t Vote for Brexit”? by Tara John ( source: Time )

A Union of Pride: The Case for LGBT People to Remain in Europe?  by Emily BrothersLabour 2015 Parliamentary & 2016 London Assembly Candidate; disability and LGBT campaigner ( source: Pink News )

The most important thing this referendum is to vote, don’t abstain your vote no matter how disconnected from the politics your feel. A democracy can only work with participation and action.

Happy voting everyone.

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