Eating disorders don’t discriminate.

They don’t care if your black, white, LGBT or Non Binary. As a result of this many people can be affected by eating disorders, either directly or indirectly. Luckily though most of us aren’t directly affected .  However we often know of someone who is affected, it might be a friend, or a relative of friend, or someone closer to home or family.

One such person is the daughter one of the members of our team Abbi (Abigail Hughes) has battled with food and body image problems since her early teens.
Things got progressively worse in her over time, culminating in a stay in hospital last year, he fight with food had left her seriously ill and malnourished.  Abbey didn’t give up, and continued to fight what her mind was telling her about her body and she did well in hospital. She took the advice and support that has been offered to her and learnt about how to recover successfully.

Now she is really starting to take control of her life again, in the time between coming out of hospital and now Abbi has continued to improve.  With the feeling that she has more control over her life now, her confidence has also improved to the point were she can talk openly about her issues and giver her the drive to do what she can and help others with eating disorders and body image problems.

Abbi skydives to BEAT eating disorders in








“There are so many worthy people and deserving people out there who are currently on a year waiting list just to see a therapist or dietician, their life’s are spiralling out of control, they are trapped in a cycle of an eating disorder and being told whilst experiencing them feelings that you have to wait for help is the most devastating news you can be told. This is why just donating a small amount of money to the BEAT charity can help save many lives”  Abbi 

One of the organisations closest to Abbi’s heart is BEAT, a national charity which focuses on helping and supporting people with eating disorders. Like any any charity BEATcan only support people with in the limitations of the funding available to them, for some this can be the difference between surviving and not.

So in support of BEAT Abbi is going to defeat her fear of jumping out of planes and do a sponsored skydive on Saturday 19th of March.  Beat eating disordersIf you want to help Abigail and BEAT combat eating disorders and help more people,  please give what you can via Abigail’s do it for charity sponsorship page.

Even if you can’t give, please share this page so someone else can be given the chance to help in Abbi and  BEAT‘s battle against eating disorders.

If you want to know more about Abbi and why she is doing this then please see our previous post “Is food your enemy ? Abbi wants to help.”


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