Some of you may have noticed last year there was no Mr Gay Europe in 2015.  After a year off to reassess, refocus and clear up some problems with direction Mr Gay Europe is back for 2016. They have also been joined previous Mr Gay UK winner, Mr Stuart Hutton Jr. who has taken on the role of managing director.

“We are proud and happy to have Mr Stuart Hutton Jr. come on board as our new Managing Director which has brought new and fresh ideas to the table, at the same time he has a lot of experience with this kind of events as he has participated in Mr Gay UK, Mr Gay Europe and Mr Gay World.”

This year the UK has three participants, representing England, Wales and Scotland but none for northern Ireland. Find out more about the three UK delegates by checking out the links below for more information.

For Wales: Paul Davies (Aged 32) | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
For England: Joni Valadares (Aged 28) | Twitter | Facebook Instagram
For Scotland: Jamie Love (Aged 21) | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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