It seems every one today is constantly on the go and pushing for things to get quicker so we can get more things done.  Simply being busy and on the go does not nessercerily mean we get things done effectivly or efficiently.  With out a little bit of planning before hand timeframes can spiral out of control.  In a world of always on internet, interactive entertainment systems that talk to us, various computers, tablets and smart phones there is a mind boggling array of applications, websites and interactive systems to help us get more organised and efficent.

We have tried quite a few of them in the office and one of the most effective for us in terms of day to day tasks is googles latest encarnation of google tasks.  Improved, redesigned, polished and rebranded as Google Goals.  Its taken the orignal tasks idea, made it so much more of a pleasure to use it also been intergrated more seemlessly with google calenders, we love it.

So if you have a google account and need a little help organizing your life so you can achive some of those life goals then give Google Goals a go, if you don’t have a google account get one.  Don’t just take our word for it though, take a look at the video to see how it can help you achive.

If you have been tempted to give it a go find out more here.

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