Check our facebook Twitter and Instagram pages today to start gaining tokens for #LGBTGamerHome free prize draw you might win a Playstation4 and game of your choice.

To coincide with the launch of our improved Life and Home insurance services PRIDE365 are happy to announce we have a PLAYSTATION 4 to give away to one lucky person. If you would like to win this fantastic games console, together with controller and one top ten game of your choice then why not collect a token or two by doing some of the actions related to this post to enter our prize draw today.

For full details about how to enter the #LGBTGamerHome competition and some FAQ’s, take a look at our previous announcement post here.

What to do on FaceBook with post 1.
  • Find and share the post on FaceBook with the tag #LGBTGamerHome.
  • Like our #LGBTGamerHome post on Facebook.
What to do on Twitter with post 1.
  • Find and Retweet the post on Twitter with the tag #LGBTGamerHome.
  • Favourite our #LGBTGamerHome post on Twitter.
What to do on Instagram with post 1.
  • Find and comment on the post on Instagram with the tag #LGBTGamerHome.
  • Love our #LGBTGamerHome post on Instagram.

Other ways of getting entry tickets via social media.?

You can get 1 additional token by completing each of the following actions.
(1) Like our facebook page before the prize draw entry closing date. (2) Follow us on twitter before the prize draw entry closing date. (3) Follow us on instagram before the prize draw entry closing date.

Does this mean if I already like or follow your pages I can’t get a extra token.?

No, in fact every one who already likes our facebook page, or follows us on either instagram or twitter will automatically get an entry for each they are following.



Actions you can do to get a Token our website

Take out a no obligation Life or Home insurance quote today.

Sadly only one token per person per quote type is granted, so thats a maximum of 2 tokens can be gained from the website. One for Home Insurance quote and one for a Life cover quote.
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